Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Human Cruelty

What are you describe about the title? 

IT IS......

The diagram below shows what I want to tell you.

I do not understand why there are people like this inhumane. What's wrong with this animal on her until she's willing to splash cat with hot water? Why? Yes, for your knowledge of this animal abuse cases are rampant now in UUM. Previously, these animals have been poisoned food. Now? Sad I saw this animal. Excruciating pain to be borne. Each human was given a sound mind, but why not use common sense to do it is before? Hopefully the act of abuse on animals can be a worthwhile consideration later.

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Thank you :)

Friday, April 25, 2014

Programme Graduate Character Building 5

     Today I went to  programme GCB 5 at DKG 2/1 . GCB 5 has 2 slots of perception and acceptance of self and identity disorder .

     For the first slot , the speaker explains about the personality and character of an individual and the ability of self. This concern about a picture of the individual through the advantages and disadvantages of the individual. In addition, it also has a self acceptance and understanding of yourself. This type can receive all the facts about him without making that fact as a threat to itself . As an example of a positive self-concept are free to make choices, responsible , accommodating , very friendly and so on .

     Slot 2 , the speakers discussed the identity disorders of adolescence. Identity disorder is a psychiatric diagnosis and one describes the situation where a person displays distinct identities or personalities differ. This personality disorder is one of the psychological disorder . Personality Disorders in simple meaning is that when a person has two or more distinct personalities within . Sometimes they will show up better, and without any warning they will turn out to be a negative

Wednesday, April 9, 2014

Photoshoot with Friends

      On April 8, I and my friends went to UTHM to do a photoshoot session at the cherry blossoms are blooming. I was fascinated to see the beauty of the area. Very beautiful! This, I attach the pictures were taken. Have fun looking!

Saturday, April 5, 2014

Earth Hour at University Utara Malaysia


On March 29, I and my friends have been following a program organized by the DPP Proton is 'Run In The Dark III' on earth hour. The campaign was organized is causal. The most important thing is to increase public awareness of global warming on the rise. Earth we've been getting sick. So by turning off lights and other electrical appliances for one hour (60 minutes) we can reduce climate warming.

So there DPP organized this program, participants are required to run around the area uum during electricity is switched off for 60 minutes. In addition to saving energy, the program aims to improve the health of the participants while taking the night air around the uum.