Friday, April 25, 2014

Programme Graduate Character Building 5

     Today I went to  programme GCB 5 at DKG 2/1 . GCB 5 has 2 slots of perception and acceptance of self and identity disorder .

     For the first slot , the speaker explains about the personality and character of an individual and the ability of self. This concern about a picture of the individual through the advantages and disadvantages of the individual. In addition, it also has a self acceptance and understanding of yourself. This type can receive all the facts about him without making that fact as a threat to itself . As an example of a positive self-concept are free to make choices, responsible , accommodating , very friendly and so on .

     Slot 2 , the speakers discussed the identity disorders of adolescence. Identity disorder is a psychiatric diagnosis and one describes the situation where a person displays distinct identities or personalities differ. This personality disorder is one of the psychological disorder . Personality Disorders in simple meaning is that when a person has two or more distinct personalities within . Sometimes they will show up better, and without any warning they will turn out to be a negative

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