Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Human Cruelty

What are you describe about the title? 

IT IS......

The diagram below shows what I want to tell you.

I do not understand why there are people like this inhumane. What's wrong with this animal on her until she's willing to splash cat with hot water? Why? Yes, for your knowledge of this animal abuse cases are rampant now in UUM. Previously, these animals have been poisoned food. Now? Sad I saw this animal. Excruciating pain to be borne. Each human was given a sound mind, but why not use common sense to do it is before? Hopefully the act of abuse on animals can be a worthwhile consideration later.

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Friday, April 25, 2014

Programme Graduate Character Building 5

     Today I went to  programme GCB 5 at DKG 2/1 . GCB 5 has 2 slots of perception and acceptance of self and identity disorder .

     For the first slot , the speaker explains about the personality and character of an individual and the ability of self. This concern about a picture of the individual through the advantages and disadvantages of the individual. In addition, it also has a self acceptance and understanding of yourself. This type can receive all the facts about him without making that fact as a threat to itself . As an example of a positive self-concept are free to make choices, responsible , accommodating , very friendly and so on .

     Slot 2 , the speakers discussed the identity disorders of adolescence. Identity disorder is a psychiatric diagnosis and one describes the situation where a person displays distinct identities or personalities differ. This personality disorder is one of the psychological disorder . Personality Disorders in simple meaning is that when a person has two or more distinct personalities within . Sometimes they will show up better, and without any warning they will turn out to be a negative

Wednesday, April 9, 2014

Photoshoot with Friends

      On April 8, I and my friends went to UTHM to do a photoshoot session at the cherry blossoms are blooming. I was fascinated to see the beauty of the area. Very beautiful! This, I attach the pictures were taken. Have fun looking!

Saturday, April 5, 2014

Earth Hour at University Utara Malaysia


On March 29, I and my friends have been following a program organized by the DPP Proton is 'Run In The Dark III' on earth hour. The campaign was organized is causal. The most important thing is to increase public awareness of global warming on the rise. Earth we've been getting sick. So by turning off lights and other electrical appliances for one hour (60 minutes) we can reduce climate warming.

So there DPP organized this program, participants are required to run around the area uum during electricity is switched off for 60 minutes. In addition to saving energy, the program aims to improve the health of the participants while taking the night air around the uum.

Saturday, March 8, 2014

MAS MH370 was missing

     MAS flight to Beijing was reported missing on March 8 2014.  Malaysia Airlines has lost contact with flight MH370 departing to Beijing from Kuala Lumpur International Airport at 12:41 hours this morning. B777- 200 is expected to arrive in Beijing at 6:30 am , said the national carrier in an official statement .Airlines carry a total of 227 passengers ( including two infants) and 12 crew .According to the BBC , the aircraft disappeared two hours after departing from Kuala Lumpur , while Xinhua said the plane was lost in Vietnam airspace .It was also reported that the plane never entered Chinese airspace and air traffic control center also contacted the Chinese .

     Aircraft # MH370 aircraft was piloted by Captain Zaharie Ahmad Shah, 53 years & has a record of 18,365 flight hours. Joining MAS since 1981. A highly experienced pilot. Assistant beside the pilot, Fariq Ab Hamid 27 year-old. Joining MAS since 2007. Fariq Ab Hamid has a record of 2,763 flight hours. 

     Many of the assumptions made by the public, especially the social media in which state the aircraft had crashed in the South China Sea. Banyak ships and planes are searching the plane MH370 here is the search area from Vietnam, Singapore and Malaysia. Vietnam ship approached the crash site, we hope to have news terkini. Vietnamese Air Force aircraft was tracking two large oil slicks that authorities suspect was from Malaysia jetliner missing early Saturday. According to the statement, the slicks are consistent with the types that will be left by jet fuel from the planes crashed.

     Let us together pray for the safety of all passengers, crew and the captain of the ship be safe.Who are us to say anything about what happened in that flight. We were sleeping when the crew struggled trying to save lives.

Monday, March 3, 2014

Autumn in Malaysia


As we know, Malaysia is now in the Autumn season, when the weather is too hot. Today, I want to share a very beautiful picture like in Korea.

areas in this picture is located in Batu Pahat. Yes, this is the land of my birth. It's very beautiful, right? people say like spring in korea. I think no need for it felt hard to go korea because in Malaysia was already there. hihhihi! Can not wait  its feel like going back this semester break because want to appreciate the beauty that God has given to us. Praise be to God, was so great invention.

Thursday, February 27, 2014

Benefit of Drinking a Plain Water


As we know mineral water is actually very important to us and have a variety of properties. Here I want to share the benefits of drinking mineral water are :

1. increase energy

Activity a day certainly makes us exhausted. Some people believe that energy drink enough to replace the energy that they spend a day. When in fact drinking plain water alone is sufficient to replace the new energy and make the body far more fresh. So, it is still more useful than plain water drinks.

2. pull out the toxins

White water can help to remove toxins that settles in the body organs such as the intestines and kidneys. These toxins will be removed through urine. With many drinking water, then the performance of our body organs will become better.

3. keep your weight

Drinking water is beneficial to restrain the appetite. So our weight can be controlled with the good and can prevent from obesity.

4. Healthy Skin

Don't forget that water can also dispose of toxins from the body including the skin. Drinking enough water can make our skin more radiant, healthy and fresh throughout the day.

5. healthy bone

Enough water can help to produce new bone cells. Our bones become stronger and not easily porous. So the likelihood of developing osteoporosis can be minimized.

6. keep the digestive function

Water can also make the system as efficient in waste bag digest food and drinks. So that the digestive system of the nutrients our body is also getting better.

7. Improve brain function

Water also helps our brains work more optimally. The reason is that our brains turned out to emit electrical energy and water is a good conductor for the energy. So the water can create electrical functions of the brain is more optimally.

Monday, February 24, 2014

A Mother's Sacrifice

Women , impressively over the world to the extent that a woman .. A woman celebrating when the news of her pregnancy , her heart full of joy that he shed tears . Never crossed his mind that the process of childbirth itself can claim his life. What she did know , she would bring the cute offspring into the world.

Women , impressively she never complained even though every morning vomiting to the extent that she lost all her canal. She was able to smile reminisce offspring growing in her womb just as big as pears. There was never a quiver in her womb is can think of the size of a pear to bear offspring .

Women , she 's in the moment he began to feel the pain of her labor was undaunted even pinch . Never thought her life might be girders instead. What she wants , offspring born in good health.

Women's great she can withstand the pain until 57 Del when to bear children ( equal to 20 bones broken simultaneously ) . While strong as any man can only hold up to 45 Del alone .

What we always hear about women ?
Woman was created from the rib of men .
The woman left the man .
Women's charitable and strong emotions.
Women are most vulnerable communities .

But , we realize that despite this ...
Women were created to be a mother.

Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Praise to Allah


Alhamdulillah, the first start I get a good results that I make my parents proud of me again. The results of this first semester is my first start to get more good results for the upcoming semester. God willing, I will try my best to improve the results of which I  have now. I hope can face all  the twists and turns of the difficulty in every semester later.

The Most Beautiful Memories


A year and a half? What's behind of the word. Yes, the date 12/12/12 I & friends Top 6 Excellent school session has ended after nearly 13 years of becoming a student. After this we have not yet had the opportunity to know what the world of schooling. I feel very sad. Friends, despite the introduction of our age is only a year and a half, but I think we have a lot of fond memories of carving all that time. Lots of bittersweet memories of us together. I do not deny, felt sad to part with all my friends. We are like brothers and sisters even when there is a fight, abusive, jealous of the advantages of others, but it all is not easy to determine the relationship that we have built over the years.

At this time, we just want to know the behavior of each other more closely.

I think this part makes friends will miss her. Mrs. Norsiha Misnon, which is we consider she as our mother. She was a very good. She always gave words of encouragement when we feel down in our day-time to face STPM. 

I think this is the most beautiful memories of my entire life. I can see my friends in arms as graduation wearing robes. I wish you all a successful future. After 4 years, God willing, we will meet again with a degree. Amen! 

I will miss posing with friends like this again.

Date 12/12/12 separation began when we all becoming students. I hope my friends will take care of themselves, do not forget me. Actually, recognize to all of you  are the most beautiful memories of my life!