Monday, February 24, 2014

A Mother's Sacrifice

Women , impressively over the world to the extent that a woman .. A woman celebrating when the news of her pregnancy , her heart full of joy that he shed tears . Never crossed his mind that the process of childbirth itself can claim his life. What she did know , she would bring the cute offspring into the world.

Women , impressively she never complained even though every morning vomiting to the extent that she lost all her canal. She was able to smile reminisce offspring growing in her womb just as big as pears. There was never a quiver in her womb is can think of the size of a pear to bear offspring .

Women , she 's in the moment he began to feel the pain of her labor was undaunted even pinch . Never thought her life might be girders instead. What she wants , offspring born in good health.

Women's great she can withstand the pain until 57 Del when to bear children ( equal to 20 bones broken simultaneously ) . While strong as any man can only hold up to 45 Del alone .

What we always hear about women ?
Woman was created from the rib of men .
The woman left the man .
Women's charitable and strong emotions.
Women are most vulnerable communities .

But , we realize that despite this ...
Women were created to be a mother.

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