Wednesday, February 19, 2014

The Most Beautiful Memories


A year and a half? What's behind of the word. Yes, the date 12/12/12 I & friends Top 6 Excellent school session has ended after nearly 13 years of becoming a student. After this we have not yet had the opportunity to know what the world of schooling. I feel very sad. Friends, despite the introduction of our age is only a year and a half, but I think we have a lot of fond memories of carving all that time. Lots of bittersweet memories of us together. I do not deny, felt sad to part with all my friends. We are like brothers and sisters even when there is a fight, abusive, jealous of the advantages of others, but it all is not easy to determine the relationship that we have built over the years.

At this time, we just want to know the behavior of each other more closely.

I think this part makes friends will miss her. Mrs. Norsiha Misnon, which is we consider she as our mother. She was a very good. She always gave words of encouragement when we feel down in our day-time to face STPM. 

I think this is the most beautiful memories of my entire life. I can see my friends in arms as graduation wearing robes. I wish you all a successful future. After 4 years, God willing, we will meet again with a degree. Amen! 

I will miss posing with friends like this again.

Date 12/12/12 separation began when we all becoming students. I hope my friends will take care of themselves, do not forget me. Actually, recognize to all of you  are the most beautiful memories of my life!

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